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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                   ACT
A long chamber with a gallery on each side supported by thin columns having gilt Ionic capitals. Three round-headed windows are at the further end, above the Speaker's chair, which is backed by a huge pedimented structure in white and gilt:, surmounted by the lion and the unicorn. The windows are uncurtained, one being open, through which some boughs are seen waving in the midnight gloom without. Wax candles, burnt low, wave and gutter in a brass chandelier which hangs from the middle of the ceiling, and in branches projecting from the galleries.
The House is sitting, the benches, which extend round to the Speaker's elbows, being closely packed, and the galleries likewise full. Among the members present on the Government side are PITT and other ministers with their supporters, including CANNING^ CASTLE-REAGH, LORD C. SOMERSET, ERSKINE, W. DUNDAS, HUSKISSON, ROSE, BEST, ELLIOT, DALLAS, and the general body of the party. On the opposite side are noticeable Fox, SHERIDAN, WINDHAM, WHITBREAD, GREY, T. GRENVILLE, TIERNEY, EARL TEMPLE, PONSONBY, G. and H. WALPOLE, DUDLEY NORTH, and TIMOTHY SHELLEY. Speaker ABBOT occupies the Chair.
SPIRIT OF THE YEARS (to two Recording Angels)
As prehide to the scene, as means to aid Our younger comrades in its construing, Pray spread your scripture, and rehearse in brief The reasonings here of late—to 'whose effects Words of to-night form sequence.
The Recording Angels chant from their books, antiphonally, in a minor recitative.
ANGEL I (aerial music)
Feeble-framed dull unresolve, unresourcefulness, Sat in the halls of the Kingdoms high Councillors, Whence the grey glooms of a ghost-eyed despondency Wanned as with winter the national mind.