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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                   ACT i
'Tis enough to make every little dog in England run to mixen to hear this Pitt sung so strenuously ! Til be the third of the incarnate, on the chance of hearing the tnne played the other way.
And I the fourth. There's sure to be something in my line toward, where politicians are gathered together f
The four Phantoms  enter the Gallery of the House in the disguise of ordinary strangers.
SHERIDAN (rising)
The Bill I would have leave to introduce
Is framed, sir, to snuff out last Session's Act,
By party-scribes intituled a Provision
For England's Proper Guard; but elsewhere known
As Mr, Pitt's new Patent Parish Pill.    (Laughter.)
The ministerial countenances, I mark, Congeal to dazed surprise at my straight motion— Why, passes sane conjecture.    It may be That, with a haughty and unwavering faith In their own battering-rams of argument, They deemed our buoyance whelmed, and sapped, and
To hope's sheer bottom, whence a miracle Was all could friend and float us; or, maybe, They are amazed at our damned disrespect In making mockery of an English Law Sprung sacred from the King's own Premier's brain! —I hear them snort; but let them wince at will, My duty must be done; shall be done quickly By citing some few facts.
An Act for our defence! It weakens, not defends ; and oversea Swoln France's despot and his myrmidons This moment know it, and can scoff thereat.