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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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Safeguard them from-an-onslaught on an Act
For ends so sinister and palpable !    (Cheers and jeerings.)
I disapprove of censures of this Act— All who can entertain such hostile thought Would swear that black is .white, that night is day.     ' No honest man will join a reckless crew Who'd overthrow their country for their gain!     ,, ,   :-
It is incumbent on me to declare
In the last speaker's face my censure, based
On grounds most clear and constitutional.—
An Act it is that studies to create
A standing army, large and permanent;
Which kind of force has ever been beheld
With jealous-eyed disfavour in this House.
It makes for sure oppression, binding men         •. •     ,; :
To serve for less than service proves it worth
Conditioned by no hampering penalty.
For these and late-spoke reasons, then, I say,
Let not the Act deface the statute-book,
But blot it out forthwith.     (Hear, hear.)
Fox (rising amid cheers)
At this late hour,
After the riddling fire" the Act has drawn on't, My words shall hold the House the briefest while. Too obvious to the most unwilling mind It grows that the existence of this law Experience and reflection have condemned. Professing to do much, it makes for nothing; Vouched as assuring all, it comforts none. Not only so ; while feeble in effect It shows it vicious in its principle.