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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                       ACT r
Can kindle to consider as the mark
Of a clear, vigorous, freedom-fostering mind!
He sits down amid lengthy cheering from the Opposition.
My summary shall be brief, and to the point.-—
The said right honourable Prime Minister
Has thought it proper to declare my speech
The jesting of an irresponsible ;—
Words from a person who has never read
The Act he claims him urgent to repeal
Such quips and quizzings (as he reckons them)-
He implicates as gathered from long hoards
Stored up with cruel care, to be discharged
With sudden blaze of pyrotechnic art
On the devoted, gentle, shrinking head
O' the right incomparable gentleman !    (Laughter.)
But were my humble, solemn, sad oration    (Laughter.)
Indeed such rattle as he rated it,
Is it not strange, and passing precedent,
That the illustrious chief of Government
Should have uprisen with such indecent speed
And strenuously replied ?    He, sir, knows well
That vast and luminous talents like his own
Could not have been demanded to choke off
A witcraft marked by nothing more of weight
Than ignorant irregularity!
Nee Deus intersit—and so-and-so—
Is a well-worn citation whose close fit
None will perceive more clearly in this Fane
Than its presiding Deity opposite.    (Laughter.)
His thunderous answer thus perforce condemns him !
Moreover, to top all, the while replying, He still thought best to leave intact the reasons On which my blame was founded!
Thus, then, stands
My motion unimpaired, convicting clearly Of dire perversion that capacity