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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                     ACT i
Was signed a few days back, And is in force.    And we do firmly hope The loud pretensions and the stunning dins From new aggressiveness by France's chief, Now daily heard, these laudable exertions May keep in curb ; that ere our greening land Darken its leaves beneath the Dogday suns, The independence of the Continent May be assured, and all the rumpled flags Of famous dynasties so foully mauled, Extend their honoured hues as heretofore.
So be it    Yet this man is a volcano ; And proven 'tis, by God, volcanoes choked Have ere now turned to earthquakes!
A lady comes up and playfully taps his arm.
What's the news ?— The chequerboard of diplomatic moves Is London, all the world knows: here are born All inspirations of the Continent— So tell!
GENTLEMAN Ay.    Inspirations now abound !
Nay, but your looks are grave!     That measured
Betokened matter that will waken us.— Is it some piquant cruelty of his ? Or other tickling horror from abroad The packet has brought in ?