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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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SCENE vr                   PART FIRST
She is preceded by PRINCESS ELIZA, and surrounded by her ladies. A pause follows, and then comes the procession of the EMPEROR, consisting of hussars, heralds, pages, aides-de-camp, presidents of institutions, officers of state bearing the insignia of the Empire and of Italy, and seven ladies with offerings. The EMPEROR himself is in royal robes, wearing the Imperial crown, and carrying the sceptre. He is followed by ministers and officials of the household. His gait is rather defiant than dignified, and a bluish pallor overspreads his face.
He is met by the Cardinal Archbishop CAPRARA and the clergy, who burn incense before him as he proceeds towards the throne. Rolling notes of music burst forth, and loud applause from the congregation.
SPIRIT OF THE PITIES What is ike creed that these rich rites disclose ?
A local thing called Christianity,
IVhich the 'wild dramas of the wheeling spheres
Include, 'with divers other such, in dim
Pathetical and brief parentheses,
JBeyond whose span, uninfluenced, unconcerned, T/ie systems of the suns go sweeping on l^ith all their many-mortaled planet train
In mat hematic roll unceasingly.
I did not recognize it here, forsooth ; Though in its early, lovingkindly days Of grac^is purpose it was much to me.
Sire, with that clemency and right goodwill Which beautify Imperial Majesty, You deigned acceptance of the homages That we the clergy and the Milanese Were proud to offer when your entrance here Streamed radiance on our ancient capital