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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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Please, then, to consummate the boon to-da Beneath this holy roof, so soon to thrill With solemn strains and lifting harmonies Befitting such a coronation hour ; And bend a tender fatherly regard On this assembly, now at one with me To supplicate the Author of All Good That He endow your most Imperial person With every Heavenly gift.
The procession advances, and the EMPEROR seats hin throne, with the banners and regalia of the Empire on hi those of Italy on his left hand. Shouts and triunr accompany the proceedings, after which Divine service cc
Thus are the self-sty led servants of the Hig Constrained by earthly duress to embrace Mighty imperiousness as it were choice, And hand the Italian sceptre unto one Who, with a saturnine, sour-hiimoured grw Professed at first to flout antiquity, Scorn limp conventions, smile at mouldy th? And level dynasts down to journeymen !— Yet he, advancing swiftly on that track Whereby his active soul, fair Freedoms chi Makes strange decline^ now labours to achie The thing it overthrew.
Thou reasonest ever thuswise—even as if A self-formed force had urged his loud car
Do not the prelate s accents falter thiny His lips with inheld laughter grow deform While blessing one whose aim is but to win The golden seats that other b------s have we