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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                     ACT i
And we may as well give all attention thereto, for the evils at work in other continents are not worth eyesight by comparison.
The ceremonial in the Cathedral continues. NAPOLEON goes to the front of the altar, ascends the steps, and, taking up the crown of Lombardy, places it on his head.
Tis God has given it to me.    So be it. Let any who shall touch it now beware!
(Reverberations of applause.)
The Sacrament of the Mass. NAPOLEON reads the Coronation Oath in a loud voice.
Give ear!    Napoleon, Emperor of the French And King of Italy, is crowned and throned!
Long live the Emperor and Xing'.    Huzza ! Music.   The Te Deum.
That vulgar stroke of vauntery he displayed
In planting on his brow the Lombard crown,
Means sheer erasure of the Luneville pacts,
And lets confusion loose on Europe speace
For many an undawned year !   From t his ^rash hour
Austria but waits her opportunity
By secret swellings of her armaments
To link her to his foes.—Fll speak to him.
He throws a whisper into NAPOLEON'S ear.
Lieutenant Bonaparte, Would it not seemlier be to shut thy heart