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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                    ACT *
Let me then once again Show to thy sceptic eye the very streams And currents of this all-inhering Power, And bring conclusion to thy unbelief,
The scene assumes the preternatural transparency before mentioned, and there is again beheld as it were the interior ^ of a brain which seems to manifest the volitions of a Universal Will, of whose tissues the personages of the action form portion.
Enough.    And yet for very sorriness I cannot own the weirdphantasma real!
SPIRIT OF THE YEARS Affection ever was illogical,
How should the Sprite own to such logic—a juvenile—who only came into being in what earthlings call their Tertiary Age !
The scene changes. 1?he exterior of the Cathedral takes trie place of the interior, and the point of view recedes, the whole fabric smalling into distance and becoming like a rare, delicately carved alabaster ornament. The city itself sinks to miniature, the Alps show afar as a white corrugation, the Adriatic and the Gulf of Genoa appear on this and on that hand, with Italy between them, till clouds cover the panorama.