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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                    ACT
Their slow uncertain apprehensions ask,
" When Villeneuve puts to sea with all his force,
What may he not achieve, if swift his course ? "
/// call in Nelson, who has stepped ashore For the first time these thrice twelvemonths and more, And with him one whose insight has alone Pierced the real project of Napoleon.
Enter NELSON and COLLINGWOOD, who pace up and down.
Note Nelson's worn-out features.    Much has he Suffered from ghoulish ghast anxiety !
In short, dear Coll, the letter which you wrote me Had so much pith that I was fain to see you ; For I am sure that you indeed divine The true intent and compass of a plot Which I have spelled in vain.
I weighed it thus :
Their flight to the Indies being to draw us off, That and no more, and clear these coasts of us— The standing obstacle to his device— He cared not what was done at Martinique, Or where, provided that the general end Should not be jeopardized—that is to say, The full-united squadron's quick return.— Gravina and Vill'neuve, once back to Europe, Can straight make Ferrol, raise there the blockade, Then haste to Brest, there to relieve Ganteaume, And next with four- or five-and-fifty sail Bear down upon our coast as they see fit.—