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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                   ACT
View not your life so gloomily, my lord ; One charmed, a needed purpose to fulfil!
Ah, Coll.    Lead bullets are not all that wound. . . .
I have a feeling here of dying fires,
A sense of strong and deep unworded censure,
Which, compassing about my private life,
Makes all my public service lustreless
In my own eyes.—I fear I am much condemned
For those dear Naples and Palermo days,
And her who was the sunshine of them all! ...
He who is with himself dissatisfied,
Though all the world find satisfaction in him,
Is like a rainbow-coloured bird gone blind,
That gives delight it shares not.    Happiness ?
It's the philosopher's stone no alchemy
Shall light on in this world I am weary of.—
Smiling I'd pass to my long home to-morrow
Could I with honour, and my country's gain.
—But let's adjourn.    I waste your hours ashore
By such ill-timed confessions !
They pass out of sight, and the scene closes.
The French and Spanish combined squadrons. On board th French admiral's flag-ship. VILLENEUVE is discovered in his cabin writing a letter.
He pens in fits, with pallid restlessness> Like one who sees Misfortune walk the wave, And can nor face nor flee it.