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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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DECR&S (with hesitation) And should they not appear, your Majesty ?
Not ?    But they will; and do it early, too!
There's nothing hinders them.    My God, they must,
For I have much before me when this stroke
At England's dealt    I learn from Talleyrand
That Austrian preparations threaten hot,
While Russia's hostile schemes are ripening,
And shortly must be met.—My plan is fixed :
I am in trim for each alternative.
If Villeneuve come, I brave the British coast,
Convulse the land with fear ('tis even now
So far distraught, that generals cast about
To find new modes of warfare ; yea, design
Carriages to transport their infantry!).—
Once on the English soil I hold it firm,
Descend on London, and the while my men
Salute the dome of Paul's I cut the knot
Of all Pitt's coalitions ; setting free
From bondage to a cold manorial caste
A people who await it.
They stand and regard the chalky cliffs of England, till NAPOLEON resumes:
Should it be
Even that my admirals fail to keep the-tryst— A thing scarce thinkable, when all's reviewed— I strike this seaside camp, cross Germany, With these two hundred thousand seasoned men, And pause not till within Vienna's walls I cry checkmate.    Next, Venice, too, being taken, And Austria's other holdings down that way, The Bourbons also driven from Italy, I strike at Russia—each in turn, you note, Ere they can act conjoined.