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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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SCENE iv                    PART FIRST
DARU Shall a fair transcript, Sire, be made forthwith ?
This moment.    And the courier will depart And travel without pause.
DARU goes to his office a little lower down, and the Emperor lingers on the cliffs looking through his glass.
The point of view shifts across the Channel, the Boulogne cliffs sinking behind the water-line.
The down commands a wide view over the English Channel in front of it, including the popular Royal watering-place, with the Isle of Slingers and its roadstead, where men-of-war and frigates are anchored. The hour is ten in the morning, and the July sun glows upon a large military encampment round about the foreground, and warms the stone field-walls that take the place of hedges here.
Artillery, cavalry, and infantry, English and Hanoverian, are drawn up for review under the DUKE OF CUMBERLAND and officers of the staff, forming a vast military array, which extends three miles, and as far as the downs are visible.
In the centre by the Royal Standard appears KING GEORGE on horseback, and his suite. In a coach drawn by six cream-coloured Hanoverian horses QUEEN CHARLOTTE sits with three Princesses; in another carriage with four horses are two more Princesses, There are also present with the Royal Party the LORD CHANCELLOR, LORD MULGRAVE, COUNT MUNSTER, and many other luminaries of fashion and influence.
The Review proceeds in dumb show; and the din of many bands mingles with the cheers. The turf behind the saluting-point is crowded with carriages and spectators on foot,
And you've come to see the sight, like the King and myself?     Well, one fool makes many.    What a