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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                    ACT a
mampus o' folk it is here to-day! And what a time we do live in, between wars and wassailings, the goblin o5 Boney, and King George in flesh and blood!
Yes. I wonder King George is let venture down on this coast, where he might be snapped up in a moment, like a minney by a her'n, so near as we be to the field of Boney's vagaries ! Begad, he's as like to land here as anywhere. Gloucester Lodge could be surrounded, and George and Charlotte carried off before he could put on his hat, or she her red cloak and pattens!
'Twould be no such joke to kidnap 'em as you think. Look at the frigates down there. Every night they are drawn up in a line across the mouth of the Bay, almost touching each other; and ashore a double line of sentinels, well primed with beer and ammunition, one at the water's edge, and the other on the Esplanade, stretch along the whole front. Then close to the Lodge a guard is mounted after eight o'clock; there be pickets on all the hills; at the Harbour mouth is a battery of twenty four-pounders; and over-right Jem a dozen six-pounders, and several howitzers. And next look at the size of the camp of horse and foot up here.
Everybody however was fairly gallied this week when the King went out yachting, meaning to be back for the theatre; and the time passed, and it got dark, and the play couldn't begin> and eight or nine o'clock came, and never a sign of him. I don't know when 3a did land; but 'twas said by all that it was a foolhardy pleasure to take.