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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                   ACT n
Church ? What have God A'mighty got to do with profane knowledge? Beware that you baint blaspheming, Jems Purchess 1
I say I did, whether or no! Twas the zingers up in gallery that I had it from. They busted out that strong with "the round world and they that dwell therein," that we common fokes down under could do no less than believe 'em.
Canst be sharp enough in the wrong place as usual —I warrant canst! However, I'll have patience with 'en, and say on!—Suppose, now, my hat is the world ; and there, as might be, stands the Camp of Belong, where Boney is. The world goes round, so, and Belong goes round too. Twelve hours pass; round goes the world still—so. Where's Belong now ?
A pause. Two other figures, a man's and a woman's, rise against the sky out of the gloom.
OLD MAN (shouldering his pike)
Who goes there? Friend or foe, in the King's name!
Piece o' trumpery ! " Who goes " yourself! What d'ye talk o', John Whiting! Can't your eyes earn their living any longer, then, that you don't know your own neighbours ? Tis Private Cantle of the Locals and his wife Keziar, down at Bloom s-End—who else should it be!