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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                      ACT n
taking to your heels when the next alarm comes, as you did at last year's.
That had nothing to do with fighting, for I'm as bold as a lion when I'm up, and " Shoulder Fawlocks! " sounds as common as my own name to me. 'Twas------
(Lowering his voice.)    Have ye heard ?
OLD MAN To be sure we have.
PRIVATE Ghastly, isn't it!
OLD MAN Ghastly!    Frightful!
YOUNGER MAN (to Private)
He don't know what it is! That's his pride and puffery. What is it that's so ghastly—hey ?
Well, there, I can't tell it. Twas that that made the whole eighty of our company run away—though we be the bravest of the brave in natural jeopardies, or the little boys wouldn't run after us and call us the " Bang-up-Locals."
WOMAN (in undertones)
^ I can tell you a word or two on't It is about His victuals. They say that He lives upon human flesh, and has rashers o' baby ev^ry morning for breakfast—for all the world like the Cernel Giant in old ancient times!