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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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SCENE v                    PART FIRST
YOUNGER MAN Ye can't believe all ye hear.
I only believe half. And I only own—such is my challengeful character—that perhaps He do eat pagan infants when He's in the desert. But not Christian ones at home. O no—'tis too much.
Whether or no, I sometimes—God forgie me!— laugh wi' horror at the queerness o't, till I am that weak I can hardly go round house. He should have the washing of 'em a few times ; I warrant 'a wouldn't want to eat babies any more!
A silence, during which they gaze around at the dark dome of starless sky.
There'll be a change in the weather soon, by the look o't. I can hear the cows moo in Froom Valley as if I were close to 'em, and the lantern at Max Turnpike is shining quite plain.
Well, come in and taste a drop o1 sommat we've got here, that will warm the cockles of your heart as ye wamble homealong. We housed eighty tubs last night for them that shan't be named—landed at Lullwind Cove the night afore, though they had a narrow shave with the riding-officers this run.
They make towards the hut, when a light on the west horizon becomes visible, and quickly enlarges.
He's come!