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THE DYNASTS                   ACr u
intermediate hill some pause and look back; others enter on the next decline landwards without turning their heads.
From the opposite horizon numerous companies of volunteers, in the local uniform of red with green facings/1 are moving coastwards in companies; as are also irregular bodies of pikemen without uniform  while on the upper slopes of the downs towards the shore regiments of the line are visible, with cavalry and artillery; all passing over to the coast
At a signal from the Chief Intelligences two Phantoms of Rumour enter on the highway in the garb of country-men.
FIRST PHANTOM (to Pedestrians)
Whither so fast, good neighbours, and before break-fast, too ? Empty bellies be bad to vamp on.
FIRST PEDESTRIAN (laden with a pack, and speaking breathlessly)
He's landed westward, out by Abbot's Beach. And if you have property you'll save it and yourselves, as we are doing!
All yesterday the firing at Boulogne Was like the seven thunders heard in Heaven When the fierce angel spoke.    So did he draw Men's eyes that way, the while his thousand boats Full-manned, flat-bottomed for the shallowest shore, Dropped down to west, and crossed our frontage here. Seen from above they specked the water-shine As will a flight of swallows towards dim eve, Descending on a smooth and loitering stream To seek some eyot's sedge.
We are sent to enlighten you and ease your souls. Even now a courier canters to the port To check the baseless scare.
which, I believe, won for the local (old 39th) regiment ^ 72