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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                    ACT m
And what if they perceive Our Scottish route, and meet us eastwardly ?
I have thought of it, and planned a counterrnove ; I'll write the scheme more clearly and at length, And send it hither to your Majesty.
Do so forthwith ; and send me in Daru. Exit DECR&S.   Re-enter MONGE.
Our breakfast, Monge, to-day has been cut short, And those discussions on the ancient tongues Wherein you shine, must yield to modern moils. Nay, hasten not away ; though feeble wills, Incompetence, ay, imbecility, In some who feign to serve the cause of France, Do make me other than myself just now !— Ah—here's Darn.
DARU enters.   MONGE takes his leave,
Daru, sit down and write.    Yes, here, at once,
This room will serve me now.    What think you, eh ?
Villeneuve has just turned tail and run to Cadiz,
So quite postponed—perhaps even overthrown—
My long-conned project against yonder shore
As 'twere a juvenile's snow-built device
But made for melting!    Think of it, Daru,—
My God, my God, how can I talk thereon !
A plan well judged, well charted, well upreared,
To end in nothing ! ... Sit you down and write.
NAPOLEON walks up and down, and resumes after a silence:
Write this.—A volte-face 'tis indeed !—Write   write!