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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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SCENE i                      PART FIRST
DARU, (holding pen to paper) I wait, your Majesty.
First Bernadotte—
Yes ; u Bernadotte moves out from Hanover Through Hesse upon Wlirzburg and the Danube.— Marmont from Holland bears along the Rhine, And joins at Mainz and Wurzburg Bernadotte . . .
While these prepare their routes the army here Will turn its rump on Britain's tedious shore, And, closing up with Augereau at Brest, Set out full force due eastward. . . . By the Black Forest feign a straight attack, The while our purpose is to skirt its left, Meet in Franconia Bernadotte and Marmont; Traverse the Danube somewhat down from Ulm ; Entrap the Austrian columns by their rear ; Surround them, cleave them ; roll upon Vienna, Where, Austria settled, I engage the Tsar, While Massdna detains in Italy The Archduke Charles.
Foreseeing such might shape, Each high- and by-way to the Danube hence I have of late had measured, mapped, and judged ; Such spots as suit for depdts chosen and marked ; Each regiment's daily pace and bivouac Writ tablewise for ready reference ; All which itineraries are sent herewith." So shall I crush the two gigantic sets Upon the Empire, now grown imminent
—Let me reflect.—First Bernadotte------But nay,
The courier to Marmont must go first Well, well.—The order of our march from hence I will advise. . . . My knock at George's door With bland inquiries why his royal hand Withheld due answer to my friendly lines,