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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                   ACT m
And tossed the irksome business to his clerks, Is thus perforce delayed.    But not for long. Instead of crossing, thitherward I tour By roundabout contrivance not less sure!
DARU I'll bring the writing to your Majesty.
NAPOLEON and DARU go out severally.
CHORUS OF THE YEARS (aerial music)
Recording Angel, trace
This bold campaign his thought has spun apace— One that bids fair for immortality Among the earthlings—if immortal deeds May be ascribed to oafs so temporary—
So transient a race ! It will be called^ in rhetoric and rhyme^
As son to sire succeeds, A model for the tactics of all time ; " The Great Campaign of that so famed year Five" By millions of mankind not yet alive.
A view of the country from mid-air, at a point south of the River Inn, which is seen as a silver thread, winding northward between its junction with the Salza and the Danube, and forming the boundaries of the two countries. The Danube shows itself as a crinkled satin nband, stretching from left to right in the far background of the picture, the Inn discharging its waters into the larger river.
A vast Austrian army creeps dully along the mid-distance, in the torm of detached masses and columns of a whitish cast The