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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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And now he has left Boulogne with all his host ?
Was it his object to invade at all,
Or was his vast assemblage there a blind ?
Undoubtedly he meant invasion, sir,
Had fortune favoured.    He may try it yet.
And, as I said, could we but close with Fox------
But, but;—I ask, what is his object now ?
Lord Nelson's Captain—Hardy—whose old home
Stands in a peaceful vale hard by us here—
Who came two weeks ago to see his friends,
I talked to in this room a lengthy while.
He says our navy still is in thick night
As to the aims by sea of Bonaparte
Now the Boulogne attempt has fizzled out,
And what he schemes afloat with Spain combined.
The "Victory" lay that fortnight at.Spithead,
And Nelson since has gone aboard and sailed ;
Yes, sailed again.    The " Royal Sovereign " follows,
And others her.    Nelson was hailed and cheered
To huskiness while leaving Southsea shore,
Gentle and simple wildly thronging round.
Ay, sir.    Young women hung upon his arm, And  old ones blessed, and  stroked him with their hands.
L—you have heard, of course.     God speed him, Pitt.