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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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These brilliant intellects of the other side
Who stand by Fox.    With us conjoined, they____
What, what, again—in face of my sound reasons!
Believe me, Pitt, you underrate yourself ;
You do not need such aid.    The splendid feat
Of banding Europe in a righteous cause
That you have achieved, so soon to put to shame
This wicked bombardier of dynasties
That rule by right Divine, goes straight to prove
We had best continue as we have begun,
And call no partners to our management
To fear dilemmas horning up ahead
Is not your wont.    Nay, nay, now, Mr. Pitt,
I must be firm.    And if you love your King
You'll goad him not so rashly to embrace
This Fox-and-Grenville faction and its friends.
Rather than Fox, why, give me civil war!
Hey, what?    But what besides?
PITT I say besides, sir,  . . . nothing!
A silence.
KING (cheerfully)
The Chancellor's here, and many friends of mine : Lady Winchelsea, Lord and Lady Chesterfield, Lady Bulkeley, General Garth, and Mr. Phipps the oculist— not the least important to me. He is a worthy and a skilful man. My eyes, he says, are as marvellously improved in durability as I know them to be in power. I have arranged to go to-morrow with the Princesses, and the Dukes of Cumberland, Sussex, and Cambridge (who are also here) for a ride on the Ridgeway, and through the Camp on the downs. You'll accompany us there ?