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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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SCENE m                    PART FIRST
I amply recognize the drear disgrace Involving Austria if this upstart chief Should of his cunning seize and hold in pawn A royal-lineaged son, whose ancestors Root on the primal rocks of history.
Note that.    Five years, and legal brethren they— This feudal treasure and the upstart man !
But it seems clear to me that loitering here Is full as like to compass our surrender As moving hence.    And ill it therefore suits The mood of one of my high temperature To pause inactive while await me means Of desperate cure for these so desperate ills!
A troubled silence follows, during which the gusts call hollowly into the chimney, and raindrops spit on the fire.
The Archduke bears him shrewdly in this course,— We may as well look matters in the face, And that we are cooped and cornered is most clear ; Clear is it, too, that but a miracle Can work to loose us !    I have stoutly held That this man's three years' ostentatious scheme To fling his army on the tempting shores Of our allies the English was a—well— Scarce other than a trick of thimble-rig To still us into false security.