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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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Is even now descending on Boulogne, And that self-preservation must, of need, Clear us from Bonaparte ere many days, Who momently is moving,
Still retain him.
He walks to the fire, and stands looking into it.    The soldier is taken out
JELLACHICH (bending over the map in argument with RIESC)
I much prefer our self-won information ;
And if we have Marshal Soult at Landsberg here,
(Which seems to be the truth, despite this man,)
And Dupont hard upon us at Albeck,
With Ney not far from Gtinzburg; somewhere here,
Or further down the river, lurking Lannes,
Our game's to draw off southward—if we can!
MACK (turning)
I have it.    This we'll do.    You, Jellachich, Unite with Spangen's troops at Memmingen, To fend off mischief there.    And you, Riesc, Will make your utmost haste to occupy The bridge and upper ground at Elchingen, And all along the left bank of the stream, Till you observe whereon to concentrate And sever th^r connections.    I couch here, And hold the city till the Russians come.
A GENERAL (in a low voice)
Disjunction seems of all expedients worst : If any stay, then stay should every man, Gather, inlace, and close up hip to hip, And perk and bristle hedgehog-like with spines!