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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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SCENE v                     PART FIRST
falls near NAPOLEON, and in bursting raises a fountain of mud.    The Emperor retreats with his officers to a less conspicuous station.
Meanwhile LANNES advances from a position near NAPOLEON till his columns reach the top of the Frauenberg hard by. The united corps of LANNES and NEY descend on the inner slope of the heights towards the city walls, in the rear of the retreating Austrians. One of the French columns scales a bastion, but NAPOLEON orders the assault to be discontinued, and with the wane of day the spectacle disappears.
A chilly but rainless noon three days later. On the right of the scene, northward, rise the Michaelsberg heights; below, on the left, stretches the panorama of the city and the Danube. On a secondary eminence near at hand, forming a spur of the upper hill, a fire of logs is burning, the foremost group beside it being NAPOLEON and his staff, the latter in gorgeous uniform, the former in his shabby greatcoat and plain turned-up hat, walking to and fro with his hands behind him, and occasionally stopping to warm himself. The French infantry are drawn up in a dense array at the back of these.
The whole Austrian garrison of Ulm marches out of the city gate opposite NAPOLEON. GENERAL MACK is at the head, followed by GIULAY, GOTTESHEIM, KLENAU, LiCHTENSTEiN, and many other officers, who advance to BONAPARTE and deliver their swords.
MACK Behold me, Sire*    Mack the unfortunate!
War, General, ever has its ups and downs, And you must take the better and the worse As impish chance or destiny ordains. Come near and warm you here.    A glowing fire Is life on these depressing, mired, moist days Of smitten leaves down-dropping clammily, And toadstools like the putrid lungs of mea
(To his lieutenants)
Cause them .to stand to right and left of me.
97                              H