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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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SCENE vi                    PART FIRST
A man most capable and far of sight.
He centres by the Danube^bank at Ulm,
A town well-walled, and firm for leaning on
To intercept the French in their advance
From the Black Forest towards the Russian troops
Approaching from the east    If Bonaparte
Sustain his marches at the break-neck speed
That all report, they must have met ere now.
—There is a rumour . . . quite impossible! . . .
You still have faith in Mack as strategist ? There have been doubts of his far-sightedness.
PITT (hastily)
I know, I know.—I am calling here at Malmesbury's
At somewhat an unceremonious time
To ask his help to translate this Dutch print
The  post has   brought.      Malmesbury  is   great   at
Dutch, Learning it long at Leyden, years ago.
He draws a newspaper from his pocket, unfolds it, and glances it down.
There's news here unintelligible to me Upon the very matter!    You'll come in ?
They call at LORD MALMESBURY'S.   He meets them in the hall, and welcomes them with an apprehensive look of foreknowledge.
Pardon this early call.    The packet's in, And wings me this unreadable Dutch paper, So, as the offices are closed to-day, I have brought it round to you.
(Handing the paper.)
What does it say ? For God's sake, read it out.    You know the tongue.