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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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SCENE i                      PART FIRST
This northmost column bears upon our beam.
Their prows will pierce us thwartwise.    That's the aim.
Which aim deft Lucas o* the " Redoutable" Most gallantly bestirs him to outscheme.— See, how he strains, that on his timbers fall Blows that were destined for his Admiral!
During this the French ship " Redoutable " is moving forward to interpose itself between the approaching "Victory" and the " Bucentaure."
Now comes it!    The " Santisima Trinidad," The old " Redoutable's " hard sides, and ours, Will take the touse of this bombastic blow. Your grapnels and your boarding-hatchets—ready! We'll dash our eagle on the English deck, And swear to fetch it!
Aye!    We swear.    Huzza! Long live the Emperor!
But the "Victory" suddenly swerves to 'the rear of the "Bucentaure," and crossing her stern-waters, discharges a broadside into her and the "Redoutable" endwise, wrapping the scene in
folds of smoke.
The point of view changes,