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THE DYNASTS                   ACT v
The van of each division of the English fleet has drawn to the windward side of the combined fleets of the enemy, and broken their order, the *'Victory" being now parallel to and alongside the "Redoutable," the "Tm6raire" taking up a station on the other side of that ship. The " Bucentaure " and the " Santisima Trinidad " become jammed together a little way ahead. A smoke and din of cannonading prevail, amid which the studding-sail bo6ms are shot away.
NELSON, HARDY, BLACKWOOD, SECRETARY SCOTT, LIEUTENANT PASCO, BURKE the Purser, CAPTAIN ADAIR of the Marines, and other officers are on or near the quarter-deck.
See, there, that noble fellow Collingwood, How straight he helms his ship into the fire! Now you'll haste back to yours (to Blackwood).
We must henceforth Trust to the Great Disposer of events, And justice of our cause! . . .
[BLACKWOOD leaves.
The battle grows hotter. A double-headed shot cuts down seven or eight marines on the *e Victory's" poop.
Captain Adair, part those marines of yours, And hasten to disperse them round the ship. Your place is down below, Burke, not up here; Ah, yes ; like David you would see the battle!
A heavy discharge of musket-shot comes from the tops of the " Santisima Trinidad." ADAIR and PASCO fall. Another swathe of marines is mowed down by chain-shot
My lord, I use to you the utmost prayers That I have privilege to shape in words :