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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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SCENE n                     PART FIRST
Remove your stars and orders, I would beg ; That shot was aimed at you.
They were awarded to me as an honour, And shall I do despite to those who prize me, And slight their gifts ?    No, I will die with them, If die I must.
He walks up and down with HARDY.
At least let's put you on
Your old greatcoat, my lord—(the air is keen).— 'Twill cover all.    So while you still retain Your dignities, you baulk these deadly aims.
Thank 'ee, good friend.    But no,—I haven't time, I do assure you—not a trice to spare, As you well see.
A few minutes later SCOTT falls dead, a bullet having pierced his skull. Immediately after a shot passes between the Admiral and the Captain, tearing the instep of HARDY'S shoe, and striking away the buckle. They shake off the dust and splinters it has scattered over them. NELSON glances round, and perceives what has happened to his secretary.
Poor Scott, too, carried off!    Warm work this, Hardy ; Too warm to go on long.
I think so, too ;
Their lower ports are blocked against our hull, And our charge now is less.    Each knock so near Sets their old wood on fire.