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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE'DYNASTS                   ACT v
Ay, rotten as peat. What's that?    I think she has struck, or pretty nigh !
A cracking of musketry,
Not yet—Those small-arm men there, in her tops, Thin our crew fearfully.    Now, too, our guns Have to be dipped full down, or they would rake The " T6m6raire " there on the other side.
True.—While you deal good measure out to these, Keep slapping at those giants over here— The "Trinidad," I mean, and the " Bucentaure," To win'ard—swelling up so pompously.
HARDY I'll see no slackness shall be shown that way.
They part and go in their respective directions. Gunners, naked to the waist and reeking with sweat, are now in swift action on the several decks, and firemen carry buckets of water hither and thither. The killed and wounded thicken around, and are being lifted and examined by the surgeons. NELSON and HARDY meet again.
Bid still the firemen bring more bucketfuls, And dash the water into each, new hole Our guns have gouged in the " Redoutable," Or we shall all be set ablaze together.
Let me once more advise, entreat, my lord, That you do not expose yourself so clearly,