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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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SCENE ii                     PART FIRST
Those fellows in the mizzen-top up there Are peppering round you quite perceptibly.
Now, Hardy, don't offend me.    They can't aim ;
They only set their own rent sails on fire.—
But if they could, I would not hide a button
To save ten lives like mine.    I have no cause
To prize it, I assure 'ee.—Ah, look there,
One of the women hit,—and badly, too.
Poor wench!    Let some one shift her quickly down.
My lord, each humblest sojourner on the seas, Dock-labourer, lame longshore-man, bowed bargee, Sees it as policy to shield his life For those dependent on him.    Much more, then, Should one upon whose priceless presence here Such issues hang, so many strivers lean, Use average circumspection at an hour So critical for us all.
Ay, ay.    Yes, yes;
I know your meaning, Hardy; and I know That you disguise as frigid policy What really is your honest love of me. But, faith, I have had my day.    My work's nigh done ; I serve all interests best by chancing it Here with the commonest.—Ah, their heavy guns Are silenced every one!    Thank God for that.
HARDY 'Tis so.    They only use their small arms now.
He goes to larboard to see what is progressing on that side between his ship and the " Santisima Trinidad."