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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                  ACT v
OFFICER (to a seaman)
Swab down these stairs.    The mess of blood about Makes 'em so slippery that one's like to fall In carrying the wounded men below.
While CAPTAIN HARDY is still a little way off, LORD NELSON turns to walk aft, when a ball from one of the muskets in the mizzen-top of the "Redoutable" enters his left shoulder. He falls upon his face on the deck. HARDY looks round, and sees what has happened.
HARDY (hastily) Ah—what I feared, and strove to hide I feared ! . . .
He goes towards NELSON, who in the meantime has been lifted by SERGEANT-MAJOR SECKER and two seamen.
NELSON Hardy, I think they've done for me at last!
HARDY I hope not!
Yes.    My backbone is shot through. I have not long to live.
The men proceed to carry him below.
Those tiller ropes They've torn away, get instantly repaired!
At sight of him borne along wounded there is great agitation among the crew.
Cover my face.    There will no good be done By drawing their attention off to me. Bear me along, good fellows ; I am but one Among the many darkened here to-day !
He is carried on to the cockpit over thecrowd of dead and wounded (To the Chaplain)
Doctor, I'm gone.    I am waste o' time to you.