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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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SCENE m                    PART FIRST
HARDY (remaining behind)
Hills, go to Collingwood and let him know That we've no Admiral here.
He passes on.
Now quick and pick him off who did the deed— That white-bloused man there in the mizzen-top.
POLLARD, a midshipman (shooting) No sooner said than done.    A pretty aim !
The Frenchman falls dead upon the poop.
The spectacle seems now to become enveloped in smoke, and the point of view changes.
The bowsprit of the French Admiral's ship is stuck fast in the stern-gallery of the 4t Santlsima Trinidad," the starboard side of the " Bucentaure" being shattered by shots from two English three-deckers which are pounding her on that hand The poop is also reduced to ruirr by two other English ships that are attacking her from behind.
On the quarter-deck are ADMIRAL VILLENEUVE, the FLAG-CAPTAIN MAGENDIE, LIEUTENANTS DAUDIGNON, FOURNIER, and others, anxiously occupied. The whole crew is in desperate action of battle and stumbling among the dead and dying, who have fallen too rapidly to be carried below.
VILLENEUVE We shall be crushed if matters go on thus,—