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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                   ACT v
Direct the "Trinidad " to let her drive, That this foul tangle may be loosened clear!
DAUDIGNON It has been tried, sir; but she cannot move.
Then signal to the " Hero" that she strive Once more to drop this way.
We may make signs,
But in the thickened air what signal's marked ?— 'Tis done, however.
The " Redoutable "
And "Victory" there,—they grip in dying throes 1 Something's amiss on board the English ship. Surely the Admiral's fallen ?
Sir, they say
That he was shot some hour, or half, ago.— With dandyism raised to godlike pitch He stalked the deck in all his jewellery, And so was hit
Then Fortune sljgws her face! We have scotched England in dispatching him.
(He watches.)
Yes!    He commands no more ; and Lucas, joying, Has taken steps to board.    Look, spars are laid, And his best men are mounting at his heels.
A crash is heard. 116