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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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SCENE in                    PART FIRST
Ah, God—he is too late!    Whence came that hurl Of heavy grape ?    The smoke prevents my seeing But at brief whiles.—The boarding band has fallen, Fallen almost to a man.—'Twas well assayed!
That's from their "T6m6raire," whose vicious broadside Has cleared poor Lucas' decks.
And Lucas, too.
I see him no more there.    His red planks show Three hundred dead if one.    Now for ourselves!
Four of the English three-deckers have gradually closed round the " Bucentaure," whose bowsprit still sticks fast in the gallery of the " Santisima Trinidad." A broadside comes from one of the English, resulting in worse havoc on the "Bucentaure." The main and mizzen masts of the latter fall, and the boats are beaten to pieces. A raking fire of musketry follows from the attacking ships, to which the " Bucentaure " heroically continues still to keep up a reply.
CAPTAIN MAGENDIE falls wounded. His place is taken by LIEUTENANT DAUDIGNON.
Now that the fume has lessened, code my biddance Upon our only mast, and tell the van At once to wear, and come into the fire. (Aside) If it be true that, as he sneers, success Demands of me but cool audacity, To-day shall leave him nothing to desire!
Musketry continues. DAUDIGNON falls. He is removed, his post being taken by LIEUTENANT FOURNIER. Another crash comes, and the deck is suddenly encumbered with rigging.
There goes our foremast!    How for signalling now ?