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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                   ACT
So many lives—in such a glorious cause.  . . . I join them soon, soon, soon!—O where is Hardy ? Will nobody bring Hardy to me—none ? He must be killed, too.    Surely Hardy's dead ?
He's coming soon, my lord.    The constant call On his full heed of this most mortal fight Keeps him from hastening hither as he would.
NELSON Til wait, Til wait.    I should have thought of it
Presently HARDY comes down,   NELSON and he grasp hands. Hardy, how goes the day with us and England ?
Well; very well, thank God for't, my dear lord.
Villeneuve their Admiral has this moment struck,
And put himself aboard the " Conqueror."
Some fourteen of their first-rates, or about,
Thus far we've got    The said " Bucentaure " chief ;
The " Santa Ana," the " Redoutable,"
The "Fougueux," the "Santfsima Trinidad/1
"San Augustine/1 "San Francisco/' "Aigle";
And our old "Swiftsure," too, we've grappled back,
To every seaman's joy.    But now their van
Has tacked to bear round on the "Victory "
And crush her by sheer weight of wood and brass :
Three of our best I am therefore calling up,
And make no doubt of worsting theirs, and France.
That's well.    I swore for twenty.—But it's well.