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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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SCENE IT                    PART FIRST
We'll have 'em yet!    But without you, my lord, We have to make slow plodding do the deeds That sprung by inspiration ere you fell; And on this ship the more particularly.
No, Hardy.—Ever 'twas your settled fault So modestly to whittle down your worth. But I saw stuff in you which admirals need When, taking thought, I chose the "Victory's" keel To do my business with these braggarts in. A business finished now, for me!—Good friend, Slow shades are creeping on me. ... I scarce see you.
The smoke from ships upon our win'ard side, And the dust raised by their worm-eaten hulks, When our balls touch 'em, blind the eyes, in truth.
No ; it is not that dust; 'tis dust of death That darkens me.
,', A shock overhead.    HARDY goes up.   One or two other officers go up, and by and by return.
What was that extra noise ?
The " Formidable " passed us by, my lord, And thumped a stunning broadside into us.— But, on their side, the " Hero's " captain's fallen ; The " Algeciras" has been boarded, too, By Captain Tyler, and the captain shot: