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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                     ACT v
Admiral Gravina desperately holds out; They say he's lost an arm.
And we ourselves— Who have we lost on board here ?    Nay, but tell me!
Besides poor Scott, my lord, and Charles Adair, Lieutenant Ram, and Whipple, captain's clerk, There's Smith, and Palmer, midshipmen, just killed, And fifty odd of seamen and marines.
NELSON Poor youngsters 1    Scarred old Nelson joins you soon.
And wounded : Bligh, lieutenant; Pasco, too, And Reeves, and Peake, lieutenants of marines, And Rivers, Westphall, Bulkeley, midshipmen, With, of the crew, a hundred odd just now, Unreckoning those late fallen not brought below.
That fellow in the mizzen-top, my lord,
Who made it his affair to wing you thus,
We took good care to settle ; and he fell
Like an old rook, smack from his perch, stone dead.
JTwas not worth while!—He was, no doubt, a man Who in simplicity and sheer good faith Strove but to serve his country.    Rest be to him! And may his wife, his friends, *his little ones,