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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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NELSON (arousing) Our course will be to anchor.    Let them know.
But let me ask, my lord, as needs I must, Seeing your state, and that our work's not done, Shall I, from you, bid Admiral Collingwood Take full on him the conduct of affairs ?
NELSON (trying to raise himself)
Not while I live, I hope!    No, Hardy; no. Give Collingwood my order.    Anchor all!
HARDY (hesitating) You mean the signal's to be made forthwith ?
I do!—By God, if but our carpenter
Could rig me up a jury-backbone now,
To last one hour—until the battle's done,
I'd see to it!    But here I am—stove in—
Broken—all logged and done for!    Done, ay done !
BEATTY (returning from the other wounded)
My lord, I must implore you to lie calm! You shorten what at best may not be long.
NELSON (exhausted)
I know, I know, good Beatty!    Thank you well Hardy, I was impatient    Now I am still. Sit here a moment, if you have time to spare ?
BEATTY and the others retire, and the two abide in silence, except for the trampling overhead and the moans from adjoining berths. NELSON is apparently in less pain, seeming to doze.