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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                  ACX v
NELSON {symptoms of death beginning to change his face)
Yes, Hardy ; yes ; I know it    You must go.— Here we shall meet no more; since Heaven forfend That care for me should keep you idle now, When all the ship demands you.    Beatty, too, Go to the others who lie bleeding there ; Them you can aid     Me you can render none! My time here is the briefest—If I live But long enough 111 anchor. . . . But—too late— My anchoring's elsewhere ordered!   .   .   .   Kiss me, Hardy:
HARDY bends over him.
I'm satisfied.    Thank God, I have done my duty !
HARDY brushes his eyes with his hand, and withdraws to go above, pausing to look back before he finally disappears.
BEATTY (watching Nelson)
Ah!—Hush around! . . .
He's sinking.    It is but a trifle now
Of minutes with him.    Stand you, please, aside,
And give him air.
BEATTY, the Chaplain, MAGRATH, the Steward, and attendants continue to regard NELSON.    BEATTY looks at his watch.
Two hours and fifty minutes since he fell, And now he's going.
They wait.   NELSON dies.
Yes. . . . He has homed to where There's no more sea.
We'll let the Captain know, Who will confer with Collingwood at once. I must now turn to these.