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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THIRD CITIZEN Talk of Pitt being ill.    He looks hearty as a buck.
It's the news—no more. His spirits are up like a rocket for the moment
Is it because Trafalgar is near Portingal that he loves Port wine ?
Ah, as I said, friend; this boy must go home and be carefully put to bed!
Well, whatever William's faults, it is a triumph for his virtues to-night!
PITT having disappeared, the Guildhall doors are closed, and the crowd slowly disperses, till in the course of an hour the street shows itself empty and dark, only a few oil lamps burning.
The SCENE OPENS, revealing the interior of the Guildhall, and the brilliant assembly of City magnates, Lords, and Ministers seated there, Mr. PITT occupying a chair of honour by the Lord Mayor, His health has been proposed as that of the Saviour of England, and drunk with acclamations.
PITT (standing up after repeated calls)
My lords and gentlemen:—You have toasted me As one who has saved England and her cause. I thank you, gentlemen, unfeignedly. But—no man has saved England, let me say : England has saved herself, by her exertions : She will, I trust, save Europe by her example!
Loud applause, during which he sits down, rises, and sits down again.   The scene then shuts, and the night without has place,