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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                     ACT v
(All)    Had done,
Had done, For us at Trafalgar!
" Pull hard, and make the Nothe, or down we go!"
one says, says he. We pulled ; and bedtime brought the storm ; but snug
at home slept we. Yet all the while our gallants after fighting through
the day,
Were  beating up and  down  the dark,   sou'-west of Cadiz Bay.
The dark, The dark, Sou'-west of Cadiz Bay!
The victors and  the vanquished  then   the  storm it
tossed and tore, As hard they strove, those worn-out men, upon that
surly shore ; Dead  Nelson and his half-dead crew, his foes from
near and far,
Were   rolled   together  on   the  deep   that  night  at Trafalgar!
The deep, The deep, That night at Trafalgdr!
The Cloud-curtain draws.
CHORUS OF THE YEARS (aerial music)
Meanwhile the month moves on to counter-deeds
Vast as the vainest needs > And fiercely the predestined plot proceeds.