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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                  ACT vi
And how by land, Your Majesty, if one may query such ?
VOICE OF NAPOLEON (sardonically)
I'll bid all states of Europe shut their ports To England's arrogant bottoms, slowly starve Her bloated revenues and monstrous trade, Till all her hulls lie sodden in their docks, And her grey island eyes in vain shall seek One jack of hers upon the ocean plains!
A few more master-strokes, your Majesty, Must be dealt hereabout to compass such!
God, yes!—Even here Pitt's guineas are the foes : 'Tis all a duel ?twixt this Pitt and me ; And, more than Russia's host, and Austria's flower, I everywhere to-night around me feel As from an unseen monster haunting nigh His country's hostile breath!—But come : to choke it By our to-morrow's feats, which now, in brief, I recapitulate.—First Soult will move To forward the grand project of the day : Namely: ascend in 6chelon, right to front, With Vandamme's men, and those of Saint Hilalre : Legrand's division somewhere further back— Nearly whereat I place my finger here— To be there reinforced by tirailleurs: Lannes to the left here, on the Olmtitz road, Supported by Murat's whole cavalry. While in reserve, here, are the grenadiers Of Oudinot, the corps of Bernadotte, Rivaud, Drouet, and the Imperial Guard