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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                    ACT
Their loyal luckless hearts say blindly—He!
The night-shades close over.
Midnight at the quarters of FIELD-MARSHAL PRINCE KtmSzOF at Kresnowitz. An inner apartment is discovered, roughly adapted as a council-room. On a table with candles is unfolded a large map of Austerlitz and its environs.
The Generals are assembled in consultation round the table, WEIROTHER pointing to the map, LANGERONT, BuxHftvDEN, an<l MILORADOVICH standing by, DoKHTdROF bending over the map» PRSCHEBISZEWSKY J indifferently walking up and down. KurtfzoF, old and weary, with a scarred face and only one eye, is seated in a chair at the head of the table, nodding, waking, and nodding again. Some officers of lower grade are in the background, and horses in waiting are heard hoofing and champing outside.
WEIROTHER speaks, referring to memoranda, snuffing the nearest candle, and moving it from place to place on the map as he proceeds importantly.
Now here, our right, along the Olmtitz Road Will march and oust our counterfacers there, Dislodge them from the Sainton Hill, and thence
Advance direct to Brlinn.—You heed me, sirs ?__
The cavalry will occupy the plain :
Our centre and main strength,—you follow me ?__
Count Langeron, Dokht6rof, with Prschebiszewsky
And Kollowrath—now on the Pratzen heights__
Will down and cross the Goldbach rivulet, Seize Tilnitz, Kobelnitz, and hamlets nigh,
* ^ be Pronounced * three syllables, 144