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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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SCENE n                     PART FIRST
Turn the French right, move onward in their rear,
Cross ^Schwarsa, hold the great Vienna road :__
So, with the nightfall, centre, right, and left, Will rendezvous beneath the walls of Briinn.
LANGERON (taking a pinch of snuff)
Good, General; very good!—if Bonaparte
Will kindly stand and let you have your way.
But what if he do not!—if he forestall
These sound slow  movements,  mount  the  Pratzen
When we descend, fall on our rear forthwith, While we go crying for his rear in vain ?
KUTUZOF (waking up) Ay, ay, Welrother; that's the question—eh ?
WEIROTHER (impatiently)
If Bonaparte had meant to climb up there, Being one so spry and so determinate, He would have set about it ere this eve ! He has not troops to do so, sirs, I say: His utmost strength is forty thousand men.
Then if so weak, how can so wise a brain Court ruin by abiding calmly here The impact of a force so large as ours ? He may be mounting up this very hour! What think you, General Miloridovich ?
I ?    What's the use of thinking, when to-morrow Will tell us, with no need to think at all!
145                              L