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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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SCENE v                     PART FIRST
An open carriage approaches from the direction of Holitsch, accompanied by a small escort of Hungarian guards. NAPOLEON walks forward to meet it as it draws up, and welcomes the Austrian Emperor, who alights. He is wearing a grey cloak over a white •uniform, carries a light walking-cane, and is attended by PRINCE JOHN OF LIECHTENSTEIN, SWARZENBERG, and others. His fresh-coloured face contrasts strangely with the bluish pallor of NAPOLEON'S ; but it is now thin and anxious.
They formally embrace. BERTHIER, PRINCE JOHN, and the rest retire, and the two Emperors are left by themselves before the fire.
Here on the roofless ground do I receive you— My only mansion for these two months past!
Your tenancy thereof has brought such fame That it must needs be one which charms you, Sire.
Good!    Now this war.    It has been forced on me
Just at a crisis most inopportune,
When all my energies and arms were bent
On teaching England that her watery walls
Are no defence against the wrath of France
Aroused by breach of solemn covenants.
I had no zeal for violating peace
Till ominous events in Italy
Revealed the gloomy truth that France aspires
To "conquest there, and undue sovereignty.
Since when mine eyes have seen no sign outheld
To signify a change of purposings.
Yet there were terms distinctly specified To General Giulay in November past,