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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                   ACT
Whereon I'd gladly fling the sword aside. To wit: that hot armigerent jealousy Stir us no further on transalpine rule, I'd take the Isonzo River as our bounds.
Roundly, that I cede all!—And how may stand Your views as to the Russian forces here ?
You have all to lose by that alliance, Sire. Leave Russia.    Let the Emperor Alexander Make his own terms ; whereof the first must be That he retire from Austrian territory. Til grant an armistice therefor.    Anon I'll treat with him to weld a lasting peace, Based on some simple understandings ; chief, That Russian armies keep to Russian soil, And that, moreover, every English keel Be locked from out the ports of his domain. Meanwhile to you I'll tender this good word : Keep Austria to herself.    To Russia bound, You pay your own costs with your provinces, And Alexander's likewise therewithal.
I see as much, and long have seen it, Sire ; And standing here the vanquished, let me own What happier issues might have left unsaid : Long, long I have lost the wish to bind myself To Russia's purposings and Russia's risks ; Full little do I count alliances With Powers that have no substance seizable !
As they converse they walk away.