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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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SCENE v                    PART FIRST
O strangest scene of an eventful life,
This junction that I witness here to-day!
An Emperor—in whose majestic veins
Aeneas and the proud Caesarian line
Claim yet to live ; and those scarce less renowned,
The dauntless Hawks'-Hold Counts, of gallantry
So great in fame a thousand years ago—
To bend with deference and manners mild
In talk with this adventuring campaigner,
Raised but by pikes above the common herd!
Ay!    There be Satschan swamps and Pratzen heights In royal lines, as here at Austerlitz.
The Emperors again draw near.
Then, to this armistice, which shall be called Immediately at all points, I agree; And pledge my word that my august ally Accept it likewise, and withdraw his force By daily measured march to his own realm.
For him I take your word.    And pray believe Than rank ambitions are your own, not mine; That though I have postured as your enemy, And likewise Alexander's, we are one In interests, have in all things common cause.
One country sows these mischiefs Europe through By her insidious chink of luring ore— False-featured England, who, to aggrandize Her name, her influence, and her revenues, Schemes to impropriate the whole world's trade, And starves and bleeds the folk of other lands.