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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                    ACT vi
Her rock-rimmed situation walls her off Like a slim selfish mollusk in its shell ^ From the wide views and fair fraternities Which on the mainland we reciprocate, And quicks her quest for profit in our woes !
I am not competent, your Majesty,
To estimate that country's conscience now,
Nor to engage on my ally's behalf
That English ships be shut from Russian trade.
But joyful am I that in all things else
My promise can be made; and that this day
Our conference ends in friendship and esteem.
I will send Savary at to-morrow's blink And make all lucid to the Emperor. For us, I wholly can avow as mine The cordial spirit of your Majesty.
They retire towards the carriage of FRANCIS. BERTHIER, SAVARY, LICHTENSTEIN, and the suite of officers advance from the background, and with mutual gestures of courtesy and amicable leave-takings the two Emperors part company.
CHORUS OF THE PITIES (aerial music)
Each for himself, his family, his heirs ; For the wan weltering nations who concerns > who cares ?
A pertinent query, in truth / But spoil not the sport by your ruth .*
3 Tis enough to make half
Yonder zodiac laugh When rulers begin to allude
To their lack of ambition.
And strong opposition To all but the general good ! 158